Popular Card Games for Beginners and Advanced Players

Most people have a special place in their heart for a really good card game. It is something that most of us can take part in without needing any special skills as long as we learn the rules and come up with a good strategy. Card games can bring you hours’ worth of fun and will most likely be around forever.

Gin Rummy – Popular Strategy Game

This game only requires two players so no need to worry about gathering a big group to get started. You need one deck of cards and the purpose of the game is to try to get all of your cards as matching sets before your opponent manages to do so. Players have to hide their cards from their opponent and successful players usually have good memorizing skills. There are about 20 different variations of Rummy, and Gin Rummy is the most popular one.

Texas Hold’em – Poker Always Works

This is one of the most common poker games and the rules are not too complex, even though it may take a while before a new player feels entirely comfortable. It involves placing bets and you can either check, bet or fold and the goal is to end up with the best five card hand at the end of the game. There are plenty of online resources to help you get a lot more familiar with the game before you play.

Solitaire – Still Going Strong

Most people have heard and probably even played Solitaire at one point in their life because it has been available through Windows software on computers. This is a very easy game to play on your own and there are plenty of variations online that have also become popular through the years. The basis of the game is to arrange the cards in order, alternating every other card between black and red.