Best Places to Buy Computer Games Online

Over the past few years, buying games digitally online has become more and more popular. Here we give you the lowdown on some of the biggest retailers of video games online.


The original, and, in many cases, still the best, digital game seller. Games purchased through Steam are assigned to your Steam account, meaning that every game you buy is attached to your Steam library. Steam sales are infamous, and often run daily over holiday periods such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, and can save players a small fortune. Steam boasts a huge library of games and any games purchased via Steam also enjoy benefits such as Big Picture Mode, which is similar to having a gaming console interface, which allows players to stream their games to any compatible device as well as play their games on their TV screens.


Until quite recently, video game publisher EA allowed all of its major games to be sold via Steam, but that’s changed, meaning if you want a digital copy of an EA release, then you have to either buy it from EA’s digital distribution service Origin, or from a 3rd party key seller. Origin account owners do get some nice perks, like the occasional free game, including Mass Effect 2 and classics such as Theme Hospital and Sim City 2000.


Greenmangaming is a relative newcomer to the online game market, and sells a mixture of video game keys, as well as physical games, including those for Steam, as well as Ubisoft’s Uplay keys and EA’s Origin keys. Greenmangaming runs discounts daily, and has sales not unlike Steam. They often have pre-order discounts for upcoming games, which can work out a lot cheaper than other online game retailers.


Amazon, like Greenmangaming, allow you to buy Steam and Origin keys, as well as physical games. For physical games, or special edition pre-orders with goodies like guidebooks, maps and fancy boxes, Amazon are usually a good bet for a decent price.

Other Third Party Key Sellers

For really low prices on games, it’s notable that by buying from a different country, you can often save a lot of money. Nuveem, for example, have their prices set to Brazilian Real currency, which means that game prices are a lot lower for Steam and other distribution service keys. This is a bit of a grey area, as some keys (particularly Russian keys) have been blocked in the past by Steam for not being legitimate, so make sure you research any key seller thoroughly before parting with your cash.